Investment Promotion Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Updated: 2018-08-22

Basic functions

1) Undertake specific matters concerning investment promotion and regional economic cooperation in the autonomous region; organize major investment promotion activities across the region; coordinate and promote major investment promotion projects in the region, investigate and study the situation of investment promotion and soft investment environment construction in the whole region, and put forward relevant policy recommendations and work measures to the people's government of the autonomous region; coordinate with relevant departments on the construction of soft investment environment.

2) Plan, organize and implement investment promotion activities outside the country (outside the border), participate in the investment promotion projects of the China-ASEAN Expo; organize and analyze data of foreign investments in the region; carry out business cooperation with relevant international organizations or foreign investment promotion agencies.

3) Welcome important investment delegations (groups) from home and abroad; be responsible for the negotiation, signing and tracking, coordination and service of domestic and foreign investment cooperation projects organized by the autonomous region; be responsible for the investment of central enterprises and private enterprises in the region.

4) Be responsible for the major investment promotion work of the industrial parks in the region, and the relevant departments to carry out investment promotion activities for major projects in industrial parks; be responsible for the establishment of the directory of key investment projects in the industrial parks and key merchants; research and propose preferential measures to attract foreign investment to participate in the development and construction of industrial parks.

5) Be responsible for county-level investment promotion; organize county-level investment promotion activities; be responsible for research and development of county-level investment promotion work policies and measures, and industrial transfer investment promotion measures.

6) Be responsible for domestic and inter-provincial economic and technological cooperation and partner assistance work; be responsible for the investment promotion work of the whole region on domestic and international industrial transfer; organize and implement the annual investment promotion reward work at the autonomous region level based on the authorization of the people's government of the autonomous region.

7) Accept, coordinate and handle complaints unrelated to the staff of Party and government organs made by investors.

8) Establish and manage the database of investment projects of the whole region, organize the planning and packaging promotion of investment promotion projects, and coordinate the reserve work of investment projects according to the economic development plan of the autonomous region;be responsible for the construction and management the website of Guangxi Investment Promotion Agency;be responsible for the investment environment promotion and publicity work of the whole region.

9) Be responsible for keeping business contact with the national investment promotion work department; be responsible for keeping business contact with foreign agencies and foreign institutions in China; be responsible for liaison work with offices of other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in Guangxi, and offices of Guangxi in other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and overseas offices.

10) Be responsible for the establishment and registration of Chamber of Commerce in Guangxi by other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities); be responsible for the legal rights and interests protection of new social organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, non-public economic associations or groups in Guizhou. Be responsible for the liaison with "Guangxi Chamber of Commerce" in other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).

11)Undertake other matters assigned by the people's government of the autonomous region.